Team Russia is Bandy World Champion!

04.04.2015 19:14
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The dash of team Russia at the last minutes of the second half in the main match at the 35th Bandy World Chamoionship has brought our team gold medals - 5 to 3.

At the 3rd minute of the main match of the tournament Daniel Andersson started to score. By the 6th minute of the game to Erofei Arena spectators' frustration Per Hellmers  doubled the score. Russian players dashed to play back, but 30 minutes later you could still see 0 to 2  on the screen. Every dangerous attacks were broken by Swedish defenders, and if something came in, Andreas Bergwall stood like a wall.

At the 35th minute Christoffer Edlund's stroke was taken by the horizontal bar of the gate. The 37th minute became a happy one for team Russia and their supporters. Sergei Lomanov scored a goal that was so long waited for. He was precise to shoot a corner. The end of the half would be remembered as tough and sometimes rude play of both teams. The referee's whistle fixed the minimum advantage of Jonas Klaesson's players - 2 to 1.

The second half started with Daniel Berlin's send-off, as a result team Russia got advantage in two players. However they didn't use it. At the 67th minute Patrik Nilsson missed a real chance to score, - defender succeded in rescueing Roman Chernykh. The spectators were pushing the team ahead but Swedish defence with Bergwall at the head worked properly.

In one of the seldom attacks Swedish bandy players got a corner stroke and fulfiled it  - 3 to 1. The outcome happened at the very end when within two minutes Aleksandr Tyukavin and Sergei Lomanov tied the score. Team Sweden took timeout. However the success was celebrated by Russian bandy players - Pavel Ryzantsev's and Maksim Ishkeldin's goals brough the victory to team Russia 5 to 3. 

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