The calendar of XXXV Bandy World Championship is approved

13.12.2014 23:21
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The calendar of the XXXV Bandy World Championship is already approved. The first opponent of Russian team will be the team of Kazakhstan, which will play with champions on `Sunday,  29th of March. At the same day will play teams Sweden and Finland.

In the 2nd echelon of group “A”: teams of USA, Norway, Belorussia and Latvia. Counter the favorites  this teams will be the 1st of April - in quarterfinals. The semi finals will be next day, but bronze and final match will be played in different days. Game for the 3rd place will be played on 3rd of April, and after twenty four hours the main match of the year will wait for the fans – the grand finale of the XXXV Bandy World Championship.

The calendar of the XXXV Bandy World Championship(group “A”):

29th of March (Sunday)

11.00 USA – Latvia

14.00 Belorussia – Norway

17.00 Sweden – Finland

20.00 Kazakhstan – Russia

30th of march (Monday)

11.00 Latvia – Belorussia

14.00 Norway – USA

17.00 Sweden – Kazakhstan

20.00 Russia – Finland

31th of march (Tuesday)

11.00 Latvia – Norway

14.00 Belorussia – USA

17.00 Kazakhstan – Finland

20.00 Russia – Sweden

1st of April (Wednesday)


11.00 A3-B2

14.00 A4-B1

17.00 * (or 20.00) A1-B4

20.00 *(or 17.00) A2-B3

2nd of April (Thursday)


17.00 or 20.00 Winner A3B2 – A2B3

17.00 or 20.00 Winner A4B1 – A1B4

3rd of April (Friday):

13.00 match for the 7th stand

16.00 match for the 5th stand

19.30 match for the 3rd stand

4th of April (Saturday):

16.00 Grand finale of Bandy World Championship

*- Sweden plays quarterfinal

17.00, Russia – 20.00

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