Team Latvia will play in both groups of World Championship 2015

25.12.2014 13:29
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National team of Latvia will play in World Championship groups «А» and «В». However, team Canada have declined to participate in World Championship.

Consequently, group «А» teams-participants, will be: Russia, Sweden, Finland, Kazakhstan, Norway, USA, Belorussia, Latvia. Group «В» — Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Japan, Netherlands, Mongolia, Germany, China and Somali.

- Team Canada will not participate in World Championship this year. They have declined their application. But team Latvia will play both in group «В» and group «А». This team will play in group «А» because they have won the last tournament, at the same time, they will play in group «В» because they provided an application to play in this group, which was approved by Federation of International Bandy, - explained Head of executive directorate, Semen Ekshenger.

At the same time, China's national team application for participation was confirmed, most of their players were selected  among  Harbin sport university students.

- It is good that national team of China, have confirmed their participation. They are interested in Bandy and for us, their participation is very important from the prospective of further bandy development  as Olympic games sport. This was a big and hard work of international federation to attract national team of China to participate in coming event. Without their agreement, it would be impossible to organise exhibition match at Korea Olympic games, - said Chief specialist of Federation of Russian Bandy, Alexander Vatutin.

Let us recall, that group «А» matches will be played from 29 of March till 4 of April, group «В» - from 1 till 6 of February 2015.

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