China team may be take part in world championship 2015

16.12.2014 21:44
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China team is going to take part in XXXV Bandy World Championship, which will be held In Khabarovsk in 2015.The team coach will be four-time world and five-time champion of Sweden - Hans Johanson.

52 year old specialist who is going to lead not only man, but also a women bandy teams, has already visited China: in November he visited city Chande in province - Hebay, where the playground for training was constructed. But his team will be based not in Chande, but in - Harbin.

- 1st  negotiations between FIB and China hockey federation have started several years ago. Bandy rules was translated to Chinese language, but nothing more. When we started to work, we have discovered that  there is a bandy in the country.  But only in embryonic state. In 1990 in Chande the playground for bandy was built, where now they play ice hockey, tennis and ping-pong - told us Hans Johanson.

According to Sweden mass media, it is planned to organise a friendly match between champions of Russia and Sweden at Chandu in January.

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